Sarah-Rebecca Zimmer

dipl. Industrial Designer FH /
Interior & Product Designer

Head of Studio

„You can design and create and build the
most wonderful place in the world.
But it takes people to make the dream a reality.“ 
Walt Disney


My degree as a industrial designer offers a great basis for all adjacent design disciplins – with a special gusto for creating spaces. The greater picture, open to new things and most of all triggering emotions describes my personal work ethic.

Being inspired and being able to inspire.


Mixing various disciplines is a something to strive for. Equally combining the unpredictable in shape, material, color and element; and still I am a big fan of simplicity and the pure. A eclectic nomade.


Being a sunshine person I lived and worked in california for a few years – where I expanded my view on design, culture and their connection. International projects, lots of business travelling, absorbing countless impressions and bubbling with new ideas.


Besides being a member oft he COCC team I am a teacher for design sketching at the University of Design Pforzheim – making sure that future designers dont underestimate the power of hand sketching.