Mikkel Heller

Architectual Draftsman

The goal of a designer is to create something unique about design and function of an object that borders on perfection not only for the customer but also for the designer himself. I let my thoughts and experiences flow into my work, but I also try to be open to everything new.


My maternal roots are from Denmark near the North Sea shore, which taught me the calm and simple. As the son of a master stove fitter, who combines the old craftsmanship of the Appenzellerland with new design, I developed great interest in art, design and the execution of complex and sophisticated objects.


I was able to learn the know-how for interior design in my apprenticeship as an interior design draftsman EFZ. This was a very instructive time and has given me a solid knowledge of complex matter.


Being part of the COCC. family, I am now looking forward to working together and achieve great things.