Jessica Glombowski

M. A. Strategische Gestaltung
B. A. Industrial Design

"We spend 87% of our time inside buildings. How they are designed really effects how we feel, how we behave. Ultimately, design is a tool to enhance our humanity. It's a frame for life." – Ilse Crawford

Spaces can surprise, awaken memories and inspire. They create atmospheres, influence our emotions and our behavior.

As an interior designer you write stories and tell them spatially. Now I am writing many new stories with COCC.

For me, the human being and his needs are always at the center of a project. However, only in combination with shapes, color, light and materials does it achieve its perfect effect. I find my inspiration in encounters and conversations. I am also fascinated by foreign places, cultures, traditions and nature.

Growing up in a small village near Stuttgart, Germany, I completed my bachelor's degree in industrial design after working for a long time in a carpenter's workshop. This was followed by an interdisciplinary master's in strategic design. I see the interaction of several design areas as inevitable, because only then you can create an all-round successful experience.