Salesianum, Zug

A good story can`t be
changed, it can only be
told better

The “Salesianum” or also known as the treasure of Zug, is not only a building with history but also an innovative co-working & co-living project located at the shore of Zugersee - a beautiful lake. Zug is also known as the heart of the Crypto Valley - a hub, where a global community of Blockchain technology enthusiasts gathers and defines the economy of tomorrow. 

The trend of coworking spaces in Switzerland is significantly growing every year, and many solopreneurs, small startups, creatives or working nomads are excited to finally have their own flexible workspace, without having to pay for a longterm commercial office. Besides all the advantages of the co-work space, it comes with a lush garden retreat area. 

It is all about respecting traditions and combining them with a good amount of Zeitgeist, quality, unique experiences and sensuality. Plug, work and recharge.