Christian Fischbacher

“The average gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value.” - Oscar Wilde

The company Christian Fischbacher stands for the values respect, aesthetics and trends. The long history of this enterprise and its wealth of tradition show that those values endure. In keeping with those values and the upcoming 200th anniversary, the family business is exploring new and innovative paths. This survey for a flagship store in Japan underlines the two most important qualities of Fischbacher: consistency and innovation. Classical materials such as marble, brass and rich carpets are reinterpreted with a modern language of shapes and clear lines that form a new picture of timeless elegance. The subtle patterns are a good stage for the constantly changing fabric collections and the reserved colours give the changing chromaticity of the textiles a wonderful platform to develop. Clever details and well thought-through functional processes place the corporate architecture of Fischbacher on a new level.