“Whenever the flowers laugh, the world is sweet with their scent.“ - Monika Minder

Bloom - a lush oasis amidst the colourful festival scenery of Openair St. Gallen.

This new fine dining concept for SMEs, sponsors, benefactors and guests located directly on the festival site was introduced in 2016. The goal of the project was to present something never seen before in a festival of this kind. The guest should have a sense of well-being: in the midst of a vibrant music festival, but still a little secluded and sheltered.

A comfortable dark environment welcomes the guests and leads them into a garden with a stunning ivy pergola and beautiful orchids. Staged aged wood and playful details highlight the warm liveliness of the plants. A chef hired especially for this event prepares a fantastic menu and the evening is rounded off with amazing concerts. Bloom is a truly unique way to be part of a music festival like the Openair St. Gallen – unexpected, stylish and just around the corner.