How we create and lead tailor-made projects for our clients.

Each letter of our company name COCC stands for one part of our philosophy. Those parts describe the big picture of how we handle things inside and outside of the office.

C - COMMUNIS (together)

We strive for a transparent and fair-minded relationship with our clients.

Trust and intensive communication are the basis for a successful collaboration. Our sincere interest in our clients and their needs is the foundation to create their project.

O - ORIRI (to emerge)

Each of our projects starts with a blank sheet of paper. A comprehensive reality emerges from the analysis of the needs and the determination of the space and vision. Our aim is to create a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

C - CONDUCERE (to connect)

We combine well-grounded knowledge of materials with the most modern technologies in order to bring a project to completion together with experts in all areas.

C - CURARE (to care for)

A firm collaboration not only involves support before and during the development of the project. Documentation and attendance to the very last step secure relations between the client and COCC.